Fabrication & Heat Treatment

Fabrication and Welding operations supported by specialist Heat treatment services. This allows us to repair by a number of processes such as Vacuum Brazing of numerous components specifically related to Honeycomb repairs. The shop also has welding capability for Titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, aluminum and more supporting the repair of many components and assemblies such as turbine exhaust Ducts, and titanium heat shield replacements and turbine support housings.


Extensive and well equipped modern machine shop with CNC ( Computer Numerical Controlled) lathes, VTL’s for Horizontal Milling, Turning, Jig Boring and Electro Discharge Machining. This equipment is not limited to certain engine programs and can also support manufacturing.

Grinding Shop

  • The High Speed Grinding capability supports the overhaul assembly of the F110/RB199 and T700 in ensuring optimum Blade length and Tip angles are maintained. This assists in producing engines with the required operational performance.
  • In this purpose built Grinding Shop we have a number of specialist processes such as Electro Chemical Grinding. This particular machine is the latest model also used by GE for the GE 90 and other programs. Complex and close tolerance grinding operations are carried out burr free minimizing process times.
  • Low Speed Grinding for T56 Compressor Rotors enabling optimum matching of rotors to compressor cases allowing optimum blade tip clearances after module build.
  • Universal Grinding and Surface grinding for establishing accurate high finish snap diameters after plating for engine shafts and gear shafts.
  • Automated Carbon Seal lapping.

Thermal Coating & Metallurgical Lab

  • Metco 9MC HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuelled) compatible Thermal Barrier Coating Capability. It is the latest system available.
  • The purpose is to restore worn services with new Metal Spray applications and also to apply Rub and Thermal barrier coatings to prevent premature erosion and wear of Engine components.
  • This is supported by a fully equipped Metallurgical Analysis and Testing Laboratory

Rubber Injection Molding Capability

  • This special clean room allows MEPC to replace the GE F110 and PW F100 Fan case Rub strips which allow for optimum Blade tip clearances whilst minimizing contact with the case.
  • Delicate operation involving humidity and temperature controlled injection molding, Bond testing, curing and machining.

Painting & CNC Shot peening

  • Accommodated in the facility we also have the following support shops.
  • Fully equipped specialist Painting facilities for Epoxy/Sermetal and many other applications
  • CNC Shot peening Metal/Ceramic/Glass bead. This allows MEPC to relieve critical components of built up Tensile Stresses

Surface Treatment & Chemical Lab

  • Extensive Surface Treatment capability in our coating and plating facility providing protective coatings such as
  • Chrome- Hard Deposit /Nickel/Cadmium/Silver/ Electrless Nickel / Copper /Black Oxide /Chromating/Chemical film treatment.
  • This is supported by a fully equipped Metallurgical Analysis and Testing Laboratory
  • State of the Art Chemical Analysis and Test Laboratory further supports the full surface treatment processes of MEPC

Component Test

  • Fuel Nozzle Overhaul & Test for all Engine Programs.
  • Fuel Hose Test & Inspection
  • Pressure Testing of Gearbox housings
  • Compressor Inlet and Diffuser Assemblies