The Middle East Propulsion Company (MEPC) was formed in 1992 as a joint venture partnership which exists under the Economic Offset Program (EOP) of Saudi Arabia. EOP is an innovative investment program established in 1989 to help form profitable businesses in Saudi Arabia. Designed to attract foreign investment, the program encourages joint ventures between foreign and Saudi companies which promotes the expansion of the Saudi private sector through long term, mutually beneficial, collaborative business ventures. MEPC provides military engine depot-level maintenance for Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) aircraft and remains committed to being a world class provider for overhaul of engines, parts, and services.    MEPC established and has maintained a good working relationship with the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) since 2001 providing Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services for the F100-PW-220 engine that powers the RSAF F-15 aircraft. Since that time, MEPC has produced over 680 F100 modules and has begun providing MRO services on the RSAF RB199 engine utilized on the Tornado aircraft. The very first RB199 Intermediate Turbine module was delivered in 2009. Additionally, MEPC has initiated development of MRO capabilities on the RSAF T-56 and PT6A-62 engine fleet. MEPC has provided MRO services out of the new facility which is built in Riyadh near King Khaled International Airport Industrial Area.