Today’s F110-GE-129 offers maximum mission capability for the latest generation of F-16C/D and F-15 aircraft.

Sharing 81% parts commonality with the F110-GE-100 – the safest single-engine powerplant in U.S. Air Force history in its class – the -129 offers significant mission advantages throughout the F-15 and F-16 envelopes. For example, more than 30% additional thrust is available at critical low-altitude combat operations.

The F110 powers more than 70% of today’s most advanced USAF F-16C/D aircraft (including 100% of all USAFE and PACAF assets) and offers sustained deployment in every major theater of operation.

F110/F-15 power was first selected by the Republic of Korea (ROKAF) in 2002. The Government of Singapore and the Royal Saudi Air Force have also chosen the F110-GE-129 to power F-15 fleets.

GE has introduced hardware upgrades capable of allowing the -129 to operate for 6,000 TACs between scheduled visits, which represents a 40% reduction in scheduled engine visits.

Performance Specifications (Sea level/standard day)
F110-GE-126 English SI
Thrust class 29,000 lb 129 kN
Length 181.9 in 4.6 m
Airflow 270 lb/sec 122.4 kg/sec
Maximum diameter 46.5 in 1.2 m
Bypass ratio 0.76 0.76