• The Allison T56 is a single shaft, modular design military turboprop with a 14 stage axial flow compressor driven by a four stage turbine. It was originally developed by the Allison Engine Company entering production in 1954, and is now produced under Rolls-Royce which acquired Allison in 1995. The commercial version is designated 501-D. Over 18,000 engines have been produced since 1954, logging over 200 million flying hours.

MEPC is Authorized Maintenance and Overhaul Facility (AMOF) by Rolls Royce,

Provides MRO services on the T56 engines for the RSAF C-130 Hercules aircraft. This service commenced since 2010 with the first modules being shipped for MRO services.


General characteristics


  • Type: Turboprop



  • Compressor:14 stage axial flow
  • Combustors: 6 cylindrical flow-through
  • Turbine:4 stage
  • Fuel type: JP8 2412 pounds per hour
  • 2 systems (1 each for power section and reduction gearbox)

 MEPC MRO Capabilities:

  • Authorized Maintenance and Overhaul Facility (AMOF) by Roles Roys
  • Eddy Current inspection. Globally MEPC is one of the only two companies to be approved by Rolls Royce to carry out this inspection.
  • T56-A-15 Engine Modules overhaul, repair
  • 501-D22A Engine Modules overhaul, repair
  • Components and accessory overhaul, repair
  • Hot section and power section inspections, repairs
  • Foreign Object Damage (FOD) repair
  • Service Bulletin (S/B) compliance
  • Bore scope inspection
  • Failure analysis
  • Spare parts supplying
  • Airbases support