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The Eurojet EJ200 is a military turbofan, used as the powerplant of the Eurofighter Typhoon The engine is largely based on the Rolls-Royce XG-40 technology demonstrator which was developed in the 1980s. The EJ200 is built by the EuroJet Turbo GmbH consortium which consists of Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines, Avio, and ITP. MEPC is exploring options to provide engine MRO services on the EJ200 engines installed on the Typhoon aircraft.

General Characteristics

  • Type: Turbofan
  • Length: 157 inches (4.0 m)
  • Diameter: 29 inches (0.737 m)
  • Dry weight: 2,180 lbs (989 kg)


  • Compressor: 3-stage LP, 5-stage HP
  • Turbine: 1-stage LP, 1-stage HP


  • Maximum Thrust: 13,500 lbf (60 kN) dry thrust / 20,000 lbf (90 kN) with reheat
  • Bypass ratio: 0.4:1
  • Overall pressure ratio: 26:1
  • Specific fuel consumption: 21-23 g/kNs dry thrust / 47-49 g/kNs with reheat
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 9.175:1