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Unmatched versatility, dependability and performance have made the PT6A engine the most thoroughly proven and popular turboprop engine family in the 500- to 1,700-shp class, covering a diverse range of applications across all aircraft markets. 45 years and 300 million hours of in-service experience resulting in unmatched reliability. This engine is manufactured and supported by the Original Engine Manufacturer (OEM), Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Engine General characteristics

  • Type: Turboprop
  • Length: 206CM
  • Diameter: 74CM
  • Dry weight: 750Lbs

Engine Components

  • Counter-rotating turbine
  • Compressor: Axial compressor, 4 stage
  • Turbine: Axial turbine, 3 stage


  • Maximum Power output: 1500 shp
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 2.0:1